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Free English As Second Language Mailing List for learners of English.

Why ESL Mailing List?

Welcome to our free E-mail English as a Second Language Mailing List Page.

Once your are on the ESL Mailing List, you can:

  • Send and receive emails to/from other learners of English as a second language and English teachers from around the world. This means you can practice your English skills as well as ask questions about vocabulary, grammar, idioms etc.

  • Start getting our daily email-of-the-day. It includes jokes, idioms, quizzes, riddles, and tips on how you can learn or improve your English.

  • Communicate in English with more than a hundred people from different countries and of various ethnic backgrounds.

  • Get to know when a new activity is uploaded to www.eclecticenglish.com web site.

Archive of ESL Mailing List Postings

You can find some of the ESL Mailing List postings on the ESL Mailing List Archive forum.

How To Join Free ESL Mailing List?

Simply visit our Subscribe to ESL Mailing List page.

How to leave the ESL Mailing List?

You can unsubscribe from Unsubscribe from ESL Mailing List page.

ESL Mailing List Frequently Asked Questions

How can I send a message to the ESL Mailing List?

Very simple. Just send an email to nikita@eclecticenglish.com and I will post it to the ESL Mailing List as soon as I can.

If you have been on the ESL Mailing List for some time and have posted a few messages to it, you can ask me to give you the administrator's password. Then you will be able to post messages to the ESL Mailing List yourself.

Is the ESL Mailing List moderated?

Yes, now it is moderated because of a few incidents of abuse. It was done only to prevent you from receiving junk mail.

Can I get one daily digest instead of a few emails?

No, currently you cannot. But usually you will not receive more than two or three email a day. I check the messages to the ESL Mailing List a couple of times a day and put them into one posting. The other ESL Mailing List members with the administrator's password can post their messages any time they want.

Can I send email to the ESL list in any other language apart from English?

No, you cannot. It isn't politically correct, because some subscribers won't be able to understand it. But why don't you write something in English to practice it?

What should I do if I can't access my email account for a long time?

If you are afraid that your mailbox will be full of ESL Mailing List posting, why don't you unsubscribe until you come back? Surely, you can join us any time you want.

What should I do if I have a problem?

You should write to me to nikita@eclecticenglish.com.

I have a question, but there is no answer here. What do I do?

Send me an email to nikita@eclecticenglish.com. I will answer all your questions. And I will also add them to the ESL Mailing List FAQ.

Nikita Kovalyov

"Learn English on the Net"


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